Friendship is a word that is often misunderstood. When things are going well, many want to be called a friend. But, stir in a few drops of adversity, and you can count your friends on one hand. One of the greatest treasures of life is true friendship. When you find someone who you enjoy being with, who you can absolutely trust, and who is loyal to you, then carefully guard that relationship.

The Proverbs tell us that there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother, and that in time of need a friend nearby is better than a brother far away. Friends stimulate us to good deeds and keep us from getting off the path. We will become like the people that we spend time with. Therefore, we should be careful when choosing our close friends. Friends help us to reach our goals. Will Rogers said “We elevate ourselves, but we should never reach so high that we would ever forget those who helped get us there” (page 74, Collins). That thought has constantly been in my mind as God allowed our business to grow dramatically. I have tried to be careful to appreciate all of our employees who have helped us reach our goals, from the clerk to the truck driver, from the warehouse employee to the manager. Are you appreciative to those who have assisted you in your life journey, whether in your family, your education, your work, or your leisure?

In various stages of life we develop different groups of friendships. Many of those are formed in intense times such as high school, college, the military, the early marriage years, at church, or on the job. When we come to the end of certain stages of life, we finally realize that the lasting thing is not the degree, the achievement, or the possessions, but the friendships that we have formed along the way. Our circle of friends changes as we proceed through life, but unique friendships we must work hard at preserving. Take time to renew that relationship or make a phone call to keep that friendship fresh and rewarding.

When we look at life in view of eternity, we understand that our family and friends remain when all else is gone. Investments in people last forever, long after the trappings of success, wealth, popularity and pleasure have faded away. In a culture that is thirsting for relationships, become the friend to others that you would want yourself. Love them, serve them, encourage and console, pray for them, enjoy them, and thank God for faithful friends.

Appreciating my friends,




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