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Cornerstone Bookshop

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Cornerstone Bookshop is a family owned and operated Christian Bookstore in the Toronto community, providing Christ centered resources that edify the Church. We are extremely grateful to God that we can serve Him by serving you as we depend on the Lord for His provision in the future.

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Dedicated to bringing you the best Christian literature, music, apparel, art, and gift-ware in Toronto.


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Agape Christian Marketplace
Grow in the grace and
knowledge of our Lord.
2 Peter 3:18


15-3232 Steeles Ave W. Toronto, ON

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Will there be a Resurrection of the
Christian Bookstores from the Dead?

by Larry Willard, President, Faith Family Books & Gifts

Faith Culture Live
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From Victim To Victor

A Personal Healing Journey By Grace Gayle

After burning out from nine years of a difficult ministry and the deaths of my father and brother, I plunged into the deepest darkest hole you could imagine.

As anger, fear, depression, and loneliness engulfed me, I poured out my emotions.

God, who are You?
God, if You love me, show me.
God, why didn't You protect me?

Available at Chapters/Indigo, Barns and Noble, Christian Book Stores and Amazon.


Larry Willard - Will there be a Resurrection of the Christian Bookstores from the Dead?

For the past 5 years I have been speaking about the great Christian bookstore Tsunami and how you and I unintentionally helped the demise of hundreds of loyal, well-established Christian bookstores in Canada and the USA without even trying. You have heard how bricks and mortar bookstores were just another example of the 8 track tape whose time had passed and death was inevitable. But many are beginning to doubt that is accurate and I hear more confessions that people miss the whole array of products and services that they offered and wish they could help to bring them back. And though I am not a prophet, I want to risk saying that I still see a need for some of those lost services and I believe the brick and mortar bookstore is in the midst of going through a metamorphosis and some will soon come out of their cocoon resurrected as "a better creature than ever."

I always insisted that my contribution (and no doubt yours) was unintended and so we are innocent of their death. I always went to local bookstore but like you, all I wanted was a "good deal" for my hard-earned dollars so I increasingly went to the lowest bidder. As my mother used to remind me, "A penny saved is a penny earned! (Oh dear…seeing what has happened to the penny, I guess we'll have to modernize that adage as well). So I was following her wise counsel" I didn't expect there would be such a consequence to my saving "a few cents here" and "a few dollars there!" But it happened. And that "lowest-cost" mindset eventually killed the local Christian establishment.

There is nothing sinful about being frugal and trying to get the best deal whenever we buy something but there is a "bigger picture" we need to be aware of as we make our choices. The personal benefits of "always getting the best deal," regardless of the overall impact, leads people to unwittingly cooperate in the decimation of local establishments, what ever their services, and in the end, what does it profit us if we gain a few dollars and lose our jobs and institutions as a result. What if my own job were next as a result of this mindset?

We Christians are different than a worldly community or local burger joint. We are a family with a particular mission and a unified focus that has an eternal outcome. We need to support each other above "just making a profit." Christian institutions need our support if they are to continue to offer the full array of resources and services that our community has benefited from over the years. They just can not survive the continuous erosion of sales diverted to "on-line" or "big box" lowest price-discount retailers. The bookstores and other providers need those sales to sustain their models. They offer more than just books that someone can get anywhere. They offer a specialty that could be lost if we are not thoughtful.

Now, people are beginning to notice the value of their local Christian store as they try buying a good Christian book at one of the large secular bookstores of our country. Except for a few top titles there is scant selection and little depth. These are bookstores that place the Bible, the Koran and a number of new-age titles in the same section and label it "Spiritual Enlightenment." Try finding a good "serious" book at these stores. Try sending a new Christian there to pick up a book to help them in their spiritual development. Nothing replaces the vast selection of the traditional dedicated Christian bookstore or the staff that use years of knowledge and wisdom to suggest just "the right title."

And, on-line shopping can not replace taking a book in your hand and running through the pages before you buy it. Looking at several titles on a topic and deciding if the content is solid before buying it. It's harder to do that on-line. It's hard to even see what the selection options are on-line. And most good books are not even available at the larger secular chains and finding them on-line requires you to know what the title is when you start.

Do you now own a lot of books that turned out not to be what they looked like in the on-line photo? Were the real costs of online purchases, with the hefty freight costs, and foreign exchange rates not a great deal after all?

Yes, local Christian bookstores needed to go through a metamorphosis. I think they will have to look more like a Christian Chapters with their gifts, books, music café and more. They must make the customer experience exciting and as inexpensive as possible. Our new stores must be more like communities where people come to have coffee with friends and then do some quick shopping. The selection of gifts, cards, movies, music and books must be better than ever. They need a lot more Canadian authors and artists and they need to be changing to meet a customer's newest needs all the time. So it is not for the faint-hearted.

But above all…they need Christian's to help them survive. How terrible if one day there wasn't a place to browse for the latest releases without scanning mounds of web pages for an hour. Everyone wants a good deal. We shop for the best price and shake down a sales rep if we think we can. I am not recommending that you forget about getting a good or fair deal and just pay anything to keep your Christian retailer in business. I just ask that you give them a chance or the next tsunami for that industry is just around the corner.

Sometimes there is a greater "good" we serve when we pay a few cents more and sustain the service of the "touch and feel" local Christian retailer. If all of us practice the "best deal" model in everything we purchase, one day we also may find ourselves out of a job because someone wanted to save a dime or dollar. I still have high hopes that there will be the resurrection of the Christian Bookstore to a new exciting and sustainable entity. I hoe that is true of many Christian service providers.



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