Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd.

Sunny Crunch Foods is a family-owned company for 35+ years and we know how to make nutritional foods taste better! Our significant technical expertise drives the process from concept to delivery and enables our customes to capitalize on emerging market trends.

Sunny Crunch Foods is uniquely positioned to deliver targeted nutritional products for a variety of markets - sports nutrition, health and wellness, diet, meal replacement and nutraceuticals. We are an acknowledged leader in the manufacturing of healthy foods and nutritionally balanced food products.

We offer an impressive range of choice quality products that we are all proud to represent. From sports nutrition powders and various supplements, encapsulated products, premium adult cereals comprising of granola cereals, muesli cereals or healthy alternative cereals, wholesome snack bars which include crunchy and chewy granola bars, health food bars, nutrition bars, meal replacement bars, sports nutrition bars, energy bars, snack bars, cereal treats and low carb high protein products for major supermarkets, retailers and distributors throughout Canada and worldwide.

200 Shields Court
Markham, ON, L3R 9T5
Tel: (905) 475-0422
Fax: (905) 475-9775



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