Heavenly Photography

Heavenly Photography is committed to providing the most professional photography service to each and every client.

As the perfect duo, photographers and siblings Desiree Silva and Bernard Jardim strive to contribute their absolute best as they understand the importance of capturing memories that will last a lifetime! With Desiree's knowledge and expertise, including her award as "Best Overall Photographer" for the Year 2005, awarded by CBC and Nature of Things with David Suzuki and Bernard's outstanding commitment to detail and precision, together this pair aims to provide the best quality work they possibly can produce for each client.

It's also important to note that Heavenly Photography only takes one event per day, emphasizing the uniqueness and distinctive attributes that is rarely seen anywhere else.

57 Glen Cameron Rd. Unit 18
Thornhill, On, L3T 1P3
Tel: 416-779-1278
Email: info@heavenlyphotography.ca
Website: www.heavenlyphotography.ca



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