Church Address City Post Code Telephone Web
All Nations Bible Church
2355 Derry Rd. E. Mississauga L5S 1V6 905-495-2125 Web Site
Applewood United Church 2067 Stanfield Rd. Mississauga L4Y 1R4 905-277-4162 Web Site
Bethel Church Of The Nazarene 3657 Ponytrail Dr. Mississauga L4X 1W5 905-625-5934 Web Site
Calvary Bible Presbyterian Church 3065 Ridgeway Dr. Mississauga L5L 5M6 905-608-0038
Cawthra Park United Church 1465 Leda Ave. Mississauga L5G 4B8 905-278-7376 Web Site
Central Pentecostal Church 145 Traders Blvd.E. Mississauga L4T 1A1 905-568-4696
Chinese Christian Church 255 Brunel Rd. Mississauga L4Z 3E9 905-507-6805 Web Site
Chinese Presbyterian Church 5230 River Forest Crt. Mississauga L5V 2C7 905-819-4487 Web Site
Christ Church 1700 Mazo Crescent Mississauga L5J 1Y8 905-822-9834 Web Site
Christ For Life Ministries 3607 Wolfedale Rd. Mississauga L5C 1V8 905-566-1208 Web Site
Christ Our King Lutheran Church 2150 Dundas St. W. Mississauga L5K 1R5 905-822-8931 Web Site
Christ The King-Roman Catholic 3495 Confederation Pky. Mississauga L5B 3G5 905-270-1133 Web Site
Christian Reformed Church 2630 Inlake Crt. Mississauga L5N 2A7 905-826-5722 Web Site
Church Of Croatian Martyrs 4605 Mississauga Rd. Mississauga L5M 7C6 905-826-8844 Web Site
Church Of God Of Prophecy 5145 Tomken Rd. Mississauga L4W 1P1 905-625-1278
Church of God Pillar & Ground of The Truth 3341 Winston Churchill Blvd. Mississauga L5L 2W3 905-820-6249
Church Of St Antony And St Marcorius 6460 Millcreek Dr. Mississauga L5N 2V6 905-858-6996 Web Site
Church of St. Bride 1 516 Clarkson Rd. N. Mississauga L5J 2W9 905-822-0422 Web Site
Church Of The Holy Spirit 1170 Tynegrove Rd. Mississauga L4W 3B2 905-625-6650 Web Site
Churchill Meadows Christian Church 2865 Argentia, Unit 3 Mississauga L5N 8G6 905-542-7492 Web Site
City Centre Baptist Church 1075 Eglinton Ave. W. Mississauga L5V 2W3 905-826-8581 Web Site
Clarkson Road Presbyterian Church 1338 Clarkson Rd. N. Mississauga L5J 2W5 905-822-8911 Web Site
Cooksville Church Of God 3410 Semenyk Crt. Mississauga L5C 4P8 905-306-9549
Cooksville United Church 2500 Mimosa Row Mississauga L5B 1P7 905-277-2338
Cornerstone Community Church 3020 Vanderbilt Rd. Mississauga L5N 4W8 905-824-0450
Cross of Life Lutheran Church (Wels) 3964 Beacham St. Mississauga L5N 6S9 905-785-6765 Web Site
Daystar Worship Ministries 6206 Ford Rd. Mississauga L5V 1X2
Discovery Community Christian Church 7755 Tenth Line W. Mississauga L5N 0C4 905-542-7492
Web Site
Dixie Baptist Church 337-1550 South Gateway Rd. Mississauga L4W 5G6 905-629-4473
Dixie Presbyterian Church 3065 Cawthra Rd. Mississauga L5A 2X4 905-277-1620 Web Site
Ebenezer Reformed Church 2438 Glengarry Rd. Mississauga L5C 1Y2 905-277-1130
Eden United Church 3051 Battleford Rd. Mississauga L5N 5Z9 905-824-5578 Web Site
Erin Mills Baptist Church 1991 South Millway Mississauga L5L 1R4 905-820-7777 Web Site
Erin Mills United Church 3010 The Collegeway Mississauga L5L 4X9 905-820-9466 Web Site
Erindale Bible Chapel 1400 Dundas Cres. Mississauga L5C 1E7 905-277-4618 Web Site
Erindale Presbyterian Church 1560 Dundas St. W. Mississauga L5C 1E5 905-277-4564 Web Site
Erindale United Church 1444 Dundas Cres. Mississauga L5C 1E9 905-277-3656 Web Site
Exodus Deliverance Temple 1180 Mid-Way Blvd, Unit #1 Mississauga L5T 2B9 905-795-2293 Web Site
Faith Alive Christian Centre Inc. 3595 Nashua Dr. Mississauga L4V 1R1 905-673-8753 Web Site
Foursquare City Centre 217 - 2386 Haines Rd. Mississauga L4Y 1Y6 416-832-3078
Free Methodist Church in Canada 4315 Village Centre Court Mississauga L4Z 1S2 905-848-2600 Web Site
Free Methodist Tamil Church 3050 Confederation Parkway Mississauga L5B 3Z6 905-306-1321
Freedom Centre International 157 Lakeshore Rd. W. Mississauga L5H-1G3 905-891-1777
Freeway Church 5800 River Grove Ave. Mississauga L5M 4R8 416-876-7283 Web Site
Fruitful House Family Church 6731 Columbus Rd. Mississauga L5T 2M4 905-696-0050 Web Site
Gift Of God Church 250 Watline Ave. Mississauga L4Z 1P4 905-507-1143
Gilgal Christian Community 218 - 2386 Haines Rd. Mississauga L4Y 1Y6 416-832-3078
Glen Erin Baptist Church 5920 Montevideo Rd. Mississauga L5N 3J5
Glenbrook Presbyterian Church 3535 South Common Court Mississauga L5L 2B3 905-820-9860 Web Site
Gospel Assembly Church 1023 Greaves Ave. Mississauga L5E 1W3 905-274-1880 Web Site
Grace Community Church 7575 Danbro Cres. Mississauga L5N 6P9 905-821-6328 Web Site
Grace Mount Zion Apostolic 5865 Coopers Ave. Mississauga L4Z 1R9 905-501-8958
Harvest Family Church 5881 Creditview Rd. Mississauga L5V 1V7 905-821-9608 Web Site
Hope Assembly of Bible Christians 31 Lakeshore Rd. E. Mississauga L5G 4V5 905-276-6152 Web Site
Hope Community Church Of God Of Prophesy 12 Falconer Dr. Mississauga L5N 3L9 905-816-9812 Web Site
Hosanna Evangelical Free Church 3065 Ridgeway Dr. Mississauga L5L 5M6 905-820-8996 Web Site
Iglesia Ni Cristo 4010 Loyalist Dr. Mississauga L5L 3Y6 416-569-3800 Web Site
Jubilee Victory Church 2900 Argentia Rd.
Mississauga L5N 7X9 905-567-8522 Web Site
Kenmuir Baptist Church 1640 Carmen Dr. Mississauga L5G 3X2 905-278-0212 Web Site
Kingdom Covenant International 1224 Dundas St. E. Mississauga L4Y 4A2 905-566-1084 Web Site
Kingdom Glory Ministries 1261 North Sheridan Way Mississauga L5H 2A3 905-274-8590 Web Site
Light Presbyterian Church 6965 Professional Ct. Mississauga L4V 1Y3 905-677-7729 Web Site
Lithuanian Martyr's Church 494 Isabella Ave. Mississauga L5B 2G2 905-277-4320 Web Site
Logos Baptist Church 282 Church Street Mississauga L5M 1N3 905-542-1857
Logos Baptist Church 6955 Millcreek Dr. Mississauga L5N 5Z6 905-542-1522 Web Site
Logos Christian Family Church 3535 Dixie Rd. Mississauga L4Y 2B3 905-624-9261 Web Site
Lutheran Church 6945 Meadowvale Town Centre Mississauga L5N 2W7 905-821-2751
Meadowdale Baptist Church 2720 Gananoque Dr. Mississauga L5N 2R2 905-826-4114
Merciful Redeemer Parish 2775 Erin Blvd. Ctr. Mississauga L5M 5W2 905-812-0030 Web Site
Middle East Baptist Church 3066 Given Rd. Mississauga L5A 2N3 905-949-4447 Web Site
Mississauga Chinese Alliance Church 5710 Kennedy Rd. Mississauga L4Z 1T1 905-712-9202 Web Site
Mississauga Chinese Baptist Church 5220 Creekbank Rd. Mississauga L4W 1Y8 905-238-9121 Web Site
Mississauga Chinese United Church Ministry 4094 Tomken Rd. Mississauga L4W 1J5 905-273-9336
Mississauga City Baptist Church 3434 Cawthra Rd. Mississauga L5A 2X7 905-275-2189 Web Site
Mississauga Family Baptist Church 16 Falconer Dr., Unit 1-3 Mississauga L5N 3M1 995-542-7524 Web Site
Mississauga Mennonite Fellowship 2021 Dundas St. W. Mississauga L5L 5W7 905-812-0452 Web Site
Mississauga Southern Chinese Baptist Church 1550 South Gateway Rd., Unit 320-325 Mississauga L4W 5G6 905-290-9502 Web Site
New Beginnings Ministry 6680 Campobello Rd. Mississauga L5N 2L8 905-828-2730
New Hope Fellowship 6965 Professional Ct. Mississauga L4V 1Y3 905-677-7729 Web Site
New Life Bible Chapel 6945 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle Mississauga L5N 2W7 905-507-6891
New Life Christ Church 715-2900 Battleford Rd. Mississauga L5N 2V9 647-835-5353
New Life in Christ Baptist Church 100 Traders Blvd. Mississauga L4Z 2H7 416-570-7892 Web Site
Park Royal Bible Church 2400 Truscott Dr. Mississauga L5J 3T7 905-822-3691 Web Site
Peace Lutheran Church Mississauga Square One Shopping Centre Cooksville L5B 2C9 905-273-3024 Web Site
PORTICO 1814 Barbertown Rd. Mississauga L5M 2M5 905-826-9612 Web Site
Praise Cathedral Worship Center 6785 Millcreek Dr. Mississauga L5N 5M4 905-828-4870 Web Site
Risen Christ Lutheran Church 4090 Dixie Rd. Mississauga L4W 1M4 905-625-5117
S Salvador Do Mundo 1212 Melton Dr. Mississauga L4Y 1L5 905-566-1082
Saints Peter & Paul Parish 4070 Central Pkwy. E. Mississauga L4Z 1T6 905-273-6630 Web Site
Salvation Army 3167 Cawthra Rd. Mississauga L5A 2V2 905-279-7525 Web Site
Salvation Army 1458 Dundas St. E. Mississauga L4X 1L4 905-270-6275
Salvation Army 261 Queen St. S. Streetsville L5M 1L9 905-821-2598
Salvation Army 3020 Vanderbilt Rd. Mississauga L5N 4W8 905-824-0450 Web Site
Salvation Army Erin Mills 2460 The Collegeway Mississauga L5L 1V3 905-820 6868 Web Site
Saviour Of The World Chinese Catholic 30 Bristol Rd. W. Mississauga L5R 3K3 905-568-8939 Web Site
Sheridan Park Alliance Church 2440 Fifth Line W. Mississauga L5K 1W1 905-823-6520 Web Site
Sheridan United Church 2501 Truscott Dr. Mississauga L5J 2B3 905-822-9001 Web Site
Solid Rock Christian Assembly 910 Eglinton Ave. E. Mississauga L4W 4H3 905-206-9266
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church 293 Queen St. S. Mississauga L5M 1L9 905-826-2061 Web Site
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 24 Stavebank Rd. Mississauga L5G 2V2 905-278-8907 Web Site
St. Bride's Anglican Church 1516 Clarkson Rd. N. Mississauga L5J 2W9 905-822-0422 Web Site
St. Catherine Of Siena Catholic Church 2340 Hurontario St. Mississauga L5B 1N1 905-272-1454 Web Site
St. Christopher's Catholic Church 1171 Clarkson Rd. Mississauga L5J 2W1 905-822-1171 Web Site
St. Elizabeth Anglican Church 1051 Eglinton Ave. W. Mississauga L5V 2W3 905-812-2938 Web Site
St. Francis Of Assisi Anglican Church 6945 Meadowvale Town Cir. Ctr. Mississauga L5N 2V7 905-821-2752 Web Site
St. Francis Of Assisi Roman Catholic Church 2473 Thorn Lodge Dr. Mississauga L5K 1K8 905-822-8132 Web Site
St. Francis Xavier Church 5650 Mavis Rd. Mississauga L5V 2N6 905-890-5290 Web Site
St. Hilary's Anglican Church 2055 Hurontario St. Mississauga L5B 1M8 905-279-2304 Web Site
St. Ignatius Loyola Church 2300 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W. Mississauga L5L 3T6 905-820-1444 Web Site
St. Ilija Macedonian Orthodox Church 1775 Bristol Rd. W. Mississauga L5M 2Y5 905-821-8050 Web Site
St. John Of The Cross Carmelite 6890 Erin Glen Dr. Mississauga L5N 2E1 905-821-1331 Web Site
St. John's Anglican Church 719 Dundas St. E. Mississauga L4Y 2B5 905-277-0462 Web Site
St. Joseph's Church 5440 Durie Rd. Mississauga L5M 2J5 905-826-2766 Web Site
St. Martin Of Tours Parish 1290 McBride Ave. Mississauga L5C 2J8 905-279-5742 Web Site
St. Marys Ukrainian Catholic Church 3609 Cawthra Rd. Mississauga L5A 2Y4 905-277-0224
St. Maximilian Kolbe Church 4260 Cawthra Rd. Mississauga L4Z 1V8 905-848-2420 Web Site
St. Patrick's Church Mississauga 921 Flagship Dr. Mississauga L4Y 2J6 905-270-2301 Web Site
St. Peter's Anglican Church 3041 Mississauga Rd. Mississauga L5L 0B7 905-828-2095
St. Thomas A Becket Anglican Church 3535 South Common Court Mississauga L5L 2B1 905-820-9857 Web Site
Streetsville Baptist Church 121 Vista Blvd. Mississauga L5M 1C4 905-826-1834
Streetsville United Church 274 Queen St. S. Mississauga L5M 1L8 905-826-1542 Web Site
Sts. Cyril & Methodius Slovak
Roman Catholic Church
5255 Thornwood Dr. Mississauga L4Z 3J3 905-712-1200
The Church of Saint Mark Lutheran 130 Mineola Rd. E. Mississauga L5G 2E5 905-278-2122 Web Site
The Church of The Virgin Mary and
Saint Athanasius
1245 Eglinton Ave. W. Mississauga L5V 2M4 905-567-4032 Web Site
Toronto Indonesian Family Church 1051 Eglinton Ave. W. Mississauga L5V 2W3 416-833-8396 Web Site
Trinity Anglican Church 26 Stavebank Rd. Mississauga L5G 2V2 905-278-1992 Web Site
Unity Church of Mississauga 3075 Ridgeway Dr. #6, 8 & 10
Mississauga L5L 5M6 905-608-9310 Web Site
Westminster United Church 4094 Tomken Rd. Mississauga L4W 1J5 905-273-9505 Web Site
Westside Presbyterian Church 3637 GRAND DR PK Mississauga L5B 4L6 905-803-8800 Web Site
White Oak Presbyterian Church 6945 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle Mississauga L5N 2W7 905-821-2753 Web Site


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