Church Address City Post Code Telephone Web
Abundant Life Church Of God 39 Gurney Cres. Toronto M6B 1S9 416-256-9058
All Nations Christian Fellowship 1470 Gerrard St. E. Toronto M4L 2A0 416-466-1142
Alpha Korean United Church 300 Bloor St. W. Toronto M5S 1W3 416-927-9292
Anglican Church of Canada 80 Hayden St. Toronto M4W 3T5 416-924-9192 Web Site
Anglican Church St. Saviour 43 Kimberley Ave. Toronto M4E 2Z4 416-699-6512 Web Site
Annunciation of the Virgin Mary 136 Sorauren Ave. Toronto M6R 2E4 416-537-2665
Apostolic Christian Church of (Nazarean) 274 Weston Rd. Toronto M6N 3P5 416-762-8569
Apostolic Church 27 Castlefield Ave. Toronto M4R 1G3 416-489-0453 Web Site
Bathurst United Church 427 Bloor St. W. Toronto M5S 1X7 416-921-4967 Web Site
Bayview Church of Christ 1708 Bayview Ave. Toronto M4G 3C4 416-489-7405 Web Site
Beaches Worship Centre 129 Waverley Rd. Toronto M4L 3T4 416-694-3054 Web Site
Bedford Park United Church 100 Ranleigh Ave. Toronto M4N 1W9 416-485-8046 Web Site
Belarusan Orthodox Church 524 Saint Clarens Ave. Toronto M6H 3W7 416-530-1025
Belarusian Greek Orthodox Church 1008 Dovercourt Rd. Toronto M6H 2X8 416-536-4449
Bellefair United Church 2 Bellefair Ave. Toronto M4L 3T8 416-691-3951
Bethany Baptist Church 1041 Pape Ave. Toronto M4K 3W1 416-425-9472 Web Site
Bethel Baptist Church 645 Millwood Rd. Toronto M4S 1L1 416-485-4611 Web Site
Bibleway Pentecostal Church 33 McCormack St. Toronto M6N 1X8 416-763-3408
Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship 1307 Bloor St. W. Toronto M6H 3Y3 416-535-9578
Bloor Street United Church 300 Bloor St. W. Toronto M5S 1W3 416-924-7439 Web Site
Blythwood Road Baptist Church 80 Blythwood Rd. Toronto M4N 1A4 416-487-4571 Web Site
Bonar-Parkdale Presbyterian Church 250 Dunn Ave. Toronto M6K 2R9 416-532-3729 Web Site
Boon Avenue Baptist Church 9 Boon Toronto M6E 3Z2 416-654-8936 Web Site
British Methodist Church 1828 Eglinton Ave. W. Toronto M6E 2H6 416-534-3831
Broadview Gospel Hall 194 Broadview Ave. Toronto M4M 2G5 416-463-0425 Web Site
Brotherhood Of Christian Centre 1067 Glencairn Ave. Toronto M6B 2B1 416-783-5971
Calvary Baptist Church 72 Main St. Toronto M4E 2V7 416-691-4721
Calvary Church 746 Pape Ave. Toronto M4K 3S7 416-466-3040 Web Site
Calvin Presbyterian Church 26 Delisle Ave. Toronto M4V 1S5 416-923-9030 Web Site
Castlefield Christian Fellowship 27 Castlefield Ave. Toronto M4R 1G3 416-489-0453 Web Site
Celebration Presbyterian Church 500 Coldstream Ave. Toronto M6B 2K6 416-781-8092
Central Charismatic Word Of Grace 805 Dovercourt Rd. Toronto M6H 2X4 416-915-0534
Central United Church One King St. Toronto M9N 1K8 416-241-7544 Web Site
Chinese Gospel Church 450 Dundas St. W. Toronto M5T 1G7 416-977-2530 Web Site
Chinese Grace Baptist Church 20 Claremont St. Toronto M6J 2M4 416-203-1164
Chinese Presbyterian Church 177 Beverley St. Toronto M5T 1Y7 416-977-2609
Christian Resource Centre-Regent Park Community Centre 40 Oak St. Toronto M5A 2C6 416-363-4234 Web Site
Christie Street Baptist Church 177 Christie St. Toronto M6G 3B5 416-536-0337
Church at the Mission 270 Gerrard St. E. Toronto M5A 2G4 416-929-9614 Web Site
Church of God 1947 Keele St. Toronto M6M 3X9 416-652-1764
Church Of God Deliverance Centre 1 Ramsden Rd. Toronto M6E 2N1 416-747-6442
Church of God of Prophecy 3200 Dundas St. W. Toronto M6P 2A3 416-767-5086
Church Of Jesus Christ 191 Schell Ave. Toronto M6E 2T3 416-781-7152
Church Of St-Mark And Calvary 21 Blackthorn Ave. Toronto M6N 3H4 416-656-1144
Church of the Guiding Light 444 Lumsden Ave. Toronto M4C 2L8 416-699-0755
Church of the Holy Trinity 10 Trinity Square Toronto M5G 1B1 416-598-4521 Web Site
Church of the Nazarene 363 Main St. Toronto M4C 4X9 416-699-7343
Church Of The Street Connection Pentecostal 1067 Glencairn Ave. Toronto M6B 2B1 416-780-9275
Church Of Transfiguration 111 Manor Rd. E. Toronto M4S 1R4 416-489-7798 Web Site
City of David Messianic Synagogue 800 Steeles Ave. W. #B10-290 Toronto L4J 7L2 905-761-8118 Web Site
College Street United Church 452 College St. Toronto M6G 1A1 416-929-3019 Web Site
Community of Christ 1443 Bathurst St. Toronto M5R 3J2 416-533-5750
Cornerstone Baptist Tabernacle 833 St. Clair Ave. W. Toronto M6C 1C2 416-658-3300
Cosburn United Church 1108 Greenwood Ave. Toronto M4J 4E6 416-421-5711 Web Site
Cross of Mercy 8 Adrian Ave. Toronto M6N 1A1 416-730-3169
Danforth Baptist Church 60 Bowden St. Toronto M4K 2X4 416-466-5658 Web Site
Danforth Community Church 1050 Danforth Ave. Toronto M4J 1M2 416-461-6061
Danforth Mennonite Church 2174 Danforth Ave. Toronto M4C 1K3 416-422-2406 Web Site
Dawes Rd. Gospel Church 383 Dawes Rd. Toronto M4B 2E3 416-757-2633 Web Site
Deer Park United Church 26 Delisle Ave. Toronto M4V 1S5 416-964-9500 Web Site
Dentonia Park United Church 107 Dawes Rd. Toronto M4C 5B7 416-694-2095 Web Site
Destiny & Dominion Word Ministries 40 Colville Rd. Toronto M6M 2Y4 416-782-4673 Web Site
Don Mills United Church 126 O'Connor Dr. Toronto M4K 2K7 416-425-4950 Web Site
Dovercourt Baptist Church 1140 Bloor St. W. Toronto M6H 4E6 416-536-4000 Web Site
Dufferin Street Baptist Church 1219 Dufferin St. Toronto M6H 4C2 416-536-3197
East York-Scarborough Methodist Church 233 Westview Blvd. Toronto M4B 3J7 416-752-6256
Eastminster United Church 310 Danforth Ave. Toronto M4K 1N6 416-463-2179 Web Site
Eglinton St. George's United Church 35 Lytton Blvd. Toronto M4R 1L2 416-481-1141 Web Site
Emmanuel Lutheran Church 1684 Victoria Park Ave. Toronto M1R 1R1 416-757-1593 Web Site
Emmanuel-Howard Park United Church 214 Wright Ave. Toronto M6R 1L3 416-536-1755 Web Site
Ennerdale Road Baptist Church 228 Ennerdale Rd. Toronto M6E 4E2 416-787-5080
Estonian Baptist Church 883 Broadview Ave. Toronto M4K 2P9 416-465-0639
Eternal Rock Ministry 27 Castlefield Ave. Toronto M4R 1G3 416-489-0453
Ethiopian Evangelical Church 746 Pape Ave. Toronto M4K 3S7 416-461-7024
Evangelical Fellowship Chapel 778 Ossington Ave. Toronto M6G 3V1 416-534-3030
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada 410 College St. Toronto M5T 1S8 416-921-2687 Web Site
Evangelical New Testament 12 Benton Rd. Toronto M6M 3G4 416-242-3682
Fairbank United Church 2746 Dufferin St. Toronto M6B 3R4 416-787-2416 Web Site
Faith Believers Tabernacle 130 Industry St. Toronto M6M 5G3 416-767-8699
Faith Presbyterian Community Church 140 Dawes Rd. Toronto M4C 5C2 416-699-0801
Faith Temple 296 Broadview Ave. Toronto M4M 2G7 416-463-6901
Faith United Pentecostal Church of God 24 Densley Ave. Toronto M6M 2R1
Farmer Memorial Baptist Church 293 South Kingsway Toronto M6S 1K8 416-762-3061 Web Site
Fellowship Redeemed Church Of God 1146 Weston Rd. Toronto M6N 3S4 416-763-3881
First Baptist Church 101 Huron St. Toronto M5T 2A9 416-977-3508 Web Site
First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Toronto 116 Bond St. Toronto M5B 1X8 416-977-4786 Web Site
First Filipino Baptist Church 382 Lippincott St. Toronto M5S 2P7 416-534-4342 Web Site
First Hungarian Presbyterian Church 439 Vaughan Rd. Toronto M6C 2P1 416-656-1342 Web Site
Forest Hill United Church 2 Wembley Rd. Toronto M6C 2E9 416-783-0879 Web Site
Foundation for Life Family Church
2100 Lawrence Ave. W., Unit 100 Toronto M9N 3W3 416-614-1220
Free Believers in Christ Fellowship International 3645 Bathurst St. Toronto M6A 2E4 416-781-4450
Friends' Meeting House 60 Lowther Ave. Toronto M5R 1C7 416-921-0368 Web Site
German United Church 20 Glebe Rd. E. Toronto M4S 1N6 416-484-6849 Web Site
Glebe Presbyterian Church 124 Belsize Dr. Toronto M4S 1L8 416-485-1881 Web Site
Glebe Road United Church 20 Glebe Rd. E. Toronto M4S 1N6 416-489-3172 Web Site
Glenview Presbyterian Church 1 Glenview Ave. Toronto M4R 1P5 416-488-1156 Web Site
Good Shepherd's Chinese Christian Church 7 Gretna Ave. Toronto M4A 2H5 416-291-5858 Web Site
Gospel Hall 1266 Victoria Park Ave. Toronto M4B 2L1 416-285-1611 Web Site
Gospel Light Tabernacle Church of God 1205 Queen St. W. Toronto M6K 1L2 416-535-2232
Grace Toronto Church 95 Trinity St. Toronto M5A 3C7 416-214-1995
Grant A.M.E. Church 2029 Gerrard St. E. Toronto M4E 2B3 416-690-5169 Web Site
Greek G O C Orthodox Church of Raphael 230 Glebemount Ave. Toronto M4C 3T4
Greek Gospel Church 871 Pape Ave. Toronto M4K 3T7 416-461-4434 Web Site
Greek Orthodox Church Of Sts Constantine & Helen 1 Brookhaven Dr. Toronto M6M 4C2 416-241-2470 Web Site
Greek Orthodox Church Of The Mother Of God Of Proussa 461 Richmond St. E. Toronto M5A 1R1 416-364-8918
Greek Orthodox Metropolis Of Toronto 86 Overlea Blvd. Toronto M4H 1C6 416-429-5757 Web Site
Greenborough Community Church 2000 Keele St. Toronto M6M 3Y4 416-651-7074 Web Site
Heaven’s Gate Global Ministries 23 Gage Ave. Toronto M1J 1T3 416-750-4819
High Park Baptist Church 9 Hewitt Ave. Toronto M6R 1Y4 416-534-4225 Web Site
Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic Church 515 Broadview Ave. Toronto M4K 2N6 416-465-5836 Web Site
Holy Ghost Banner Church of God 49 Eugene St. Toronto M6B 3Z7 416-783-2421
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox 54 Clinton St. Toronto M6G 2Y3 416-537-1351
Holy Trinity Macedono-Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church 201 Monarch Park Ave. Toronto M4J 4R9 416-461-2214 Web Site
Holy Word Church 206 McCaul St. Toronto M5T 1W5 416-593-1419 Web Site
Hope Centre 1183 Dufferin St. Toronto M6H 4B7 416-538-8800
Humber Blvd. Baptist Church 5 Louvain St. Toronto M6N 4W7 416-766-0414
Humbercrest United Church 16 Baby Pt. Rd. Toronto M6S 2E9 416-767-6122 Web Site
Humbervale United Church 1447 Royal York Rd. Toronto M9P 3V8 416-249-2821 Web Site
Hungarian Full Gospel Church 51 Scarlett Rd. Toronto M6N 4J8 416-760-9524
Hungarian United Church 73 Mackay Ave. Toronto M6H 2N7 416-652-3809
International Gospel Church of Christ 1181 Weston Rd. Toronto M6M 4P5 416-241-3016
Japanese Gospel Church of Toronto 301 Silver Star Blvd. Toronto M1V 0B6 416-335-5428 Web Site
Jarvis Street Baptist Church 130 Gerrard St. E. Toronto M5A 3T4 416-925-3261 Web Site
Jesus Bitnaeri Korean Presbyterian Church 15 Olive Ave. Toronto M6G 1T7 416-225-9989
Jesus Christ the Giver of Life Ministries 37 Snapdragon Dr. Toronto M2J 4X5 647-284-8907 Web Site
Jesus Is Lord Church 83-85 Christie St. Toronto M6G 3B1 416-787-0545
Keele Street Christian Church 97 Annette St. Toronto M6P 1N7 416-767-8911 Web Site
Kew Beach United Church 140 Wineva Ave. Toronto M4E 1E1 416-691-8082 Web Site
Kimbourne Park United Church 200 Wolverleigh Blvd. Toronto M4C 3J5 416-461-7200 Web Site
Kingston Road United Church 975 Kingston Rd. Toronto M4E 1T1 416-699-6091 Web Site
Knox Presbyterian Church 630 Spadina Ave. Toronto M5S 2H4 416-921-8993 Web Site
Korean Bethel Church 1155 College St. Toronto M6H 1B7 416-539-9061
Lakeside Community Church 875 Queen St. E. Toronto M4M 1J2 416-288-9500
Lawrence Park Community Church 2180 Bayview Ave. Toronto M4N 3K7 416-489-1551 Web Site
Leaside Bible Chapel 826 Eglinton Ave. E. Toronto M4G 2L1 416-422-3135 Web Site
Leaside Presbyterian Church 670 Eglinton Ave. E. Toronto M4G 2K4 416-422-0510 Web Site
Leaside United Church 822 Millwood Rd. Toronto M4G 1W4 416-425-1253 Web Site
Light Presbyterian Church 455 Huron St. Toronto M5R 2R3 647-436-1977 Web Site
Manor Rd. United Church 240 Manor Rd. E. Toronto M4S 1R8 416-483-0695 Web Site
Maranatha Fellowship Church Of The Deaf 1307 Bloor St. W. Toronto M6H 1P1 416-533-0830 Web Site
Metropolitan Church Of God 236 Nairn Ave. Toronto M6E 4H4 416-653-2528
Metropolitan Korean Presbyterian Church 1183 Davenport Rd. Toronto M6H 2G7 416-533-4596
Miracle Temple Ministries 7 Sheffield St. Toronto M6M 3E5 416-247-1769
Morningside-High Park Presbyterian Church 4 Morningside Ave. Toronto M6S 1C2 416-766-4765
Mount Dennis Baptist Church 1272 Weston Rd. Toronto M6M 4R1 416-243-0055 Web Site
Mount Dennis United Church 71 Guestville Ave. Toronto M6N 4N4 416-763-2893
Mount Zion Apostolic Church 108 Holland Park Ave. Toronto M6E 1L6 416-656-6000 Web Site
Mt. Pleasant Road Baptist Church 527 Mount Pleasant Rd. Toronto M4S 2M4 416-481-7680 Web Site
New Dawn Moravian Church 7 Glenora Ave. Toronto M6C 2R4 416-656-0473 Web Site
New Hope Fellowship (Downtown) 455 Huron St. Toronto M5R 2R3 647-282-8463
New Hope Tabernacle 2431 St. Clair Ave. W. Toronto M6N 1K9 416-604-3447 Web Site
New Life Missionary Baptist Church 233 Westview Blvd. Toronto 416-288-9694
North Runnymede United Church 33 Pritchard Ave. Toronto M6N 1T4 416-762-3960 Web Site
Northlea United Church 125 Brentcliffe Rd. Toronto M4G 3Y7 416-425-5252 Web Site
Oakwood Baptist Church 421 Oakwood Ave. Toronto M6E 2W1 416-654-8020 Web Site
Oakwood Wesleyan Church 33 Brandon Ave. Toronto M6H 2C8 416-536-3357
Olivet Baptist Church 36 Margueretta St. Toronto M6H 1C3 416-535-1357 Web Site
Ollivett Lighthouse 325 Weston Rd., Unit 3B Toronto M6N 4Z9 416-769-4399
Ossington Avenue Baptist Church 720 Ossington Ave. Toronto M6G 3T7 416-533-5091 Web Site
Ossington Pentecostal Church 686 Ossington Ave. Toronto M6G 3T7 416-532-3951 Web Site
Overcomers Missionary Church 1504 Queen St. W. Toronto M6R 1A4 416-654-6271
Parish Churches Of Saint Leonard 25 Wanless Ave. Toronto M4N 2K8 416-485-7278
Parkdale Neighbourhood Church 1318 Queen St. W. Toronto M6K 1L4 416-532-8397
Parkdale United Church 171 Dunn Ave. Toronto M6K 2R8 416-532-1191 Web Site
Patterson Presbyterian Church 109 Harvie Ave. Toronto M6E 4K4 416-654-8072
Polish Christian Baptist Church 293 South Kingsway Toronto M6S 1K8 416-762-3061
Portuguese Assembly Of God Church 2462 Dufferin St. Toronto M6B 3P7 416-531-3644
Praise Sanctuary Church Of The First Born 72 Perth Ave. Toronto M6R 2C2 416-535-4299 Web Site
Presteign - Woodbine United Church 16 Presteign Ave. Toronto M4B 3A8 416-755-8352 Web Site
Queen St. E. Presbyterian Church 947 Queen St. E. Toronto M4M 1J9 416-465-1143 Web Site
Redeemer Lutheran Church 1691 Bloor St. W. Toronto M6P 1B1 416-766-1424 Web Site
Restitution Bethesta Tabernacle C.O.G.I.C. 134 Hallam St. Toronto 416-533-9113
Restoration Christian Ministries 1110 Finch Ave. W. Toronto M3J 2T2 416-242-9481
Riverdale Presbyterian Church 662 Pape Ave. Toronto M4K 3S5 416-466-3246 Web Site
Riverdale United Church 1117 Gerrard St. E. Toronto M4M 1Z9 416-466-5974
Riverside Church 456 King St. E. Toronto M5A 1L4 416-368-5040 Web Site
Romanian St. George Orthodox Church 247 Rosethorn Ave. Toronto M6M 3K9 416-651-1321 Web Site
Rosedale Baptist Church 877 Yonge St. Toronto M4W 2H2 416-926-0732
Runnymede Community Church 60 Colbeck St. Toronto M6S 1T9 416-767-1401 Web Site
Russian Orthodox Christ The Savoir Church 823 Manning Ave. Toronto M6G 2W9 416-534-1763 Web Site
Russian Orthodox Church Of The Holy Resurection 213 Winona Dr. Toronto M6C 3S3 416-651-3226
Saint Nektarios Greek Orthodox Cathedral 1223 Dovercourt Rd. Toronto M6H 2Y1 416-537-7283 Web Site
Salvation Army 1447 Queen St. W. Toronto M6R 1A1 416-536-3361
Salvation Army 156 Jarvis St. Toronto 416-368-0324
Salvation Army 167 College St. Toronto M5T 1P7 416-979-7058
Salvation Army 1675 Jane St. Toronto M9N 2R8 416-247-0505
Salvation Army 2 Overlea Blvd. Toronto M4H 1P4 416-425-2111
Salvation Army 450 Pape Ave. Toronto M4K 3P7 416-363-5496
Salvation Army 665 St. Clair Ave. W. Toronto M6C 1A7 416-651-2825
Salvation Army 723 Queen St. Toronto M6J 1E6 416-603-9800
Salvation Army 77 River St. Toronto M5A 3P1 416-304-1982
Salvation Army 78 Admiral Rd. Toronto M5R 2L6 416-921-0953
Salvation Army 135 Sherbourne St. Toronto M5A 2R5 416-366-2733
Salvation Army 1219 Bloor St. W. Toronto M6H 1N8 416-533-9553
Salvation Army Agincourt Temple Child Care Centre 3080 Birchmount Ave. Toronto M1W 3K3 416-255-7070
Salvation Army Bloor Central Corps 789 Dovercourt Rd. Toronto M6H 2X4 416-531-8031 Web Site
Salvation Army Church Of The Open Door 343 Keele St. Toronto M6P 2K6 416-763-1021
Salvation Army East Toronto Citadel 107 Cedarvale Ave. Toronto M4C 4J9 416-467-7416 Web Site
Salvation Army Gateway Linens 312 Broadview Ave. Toronto M4M 2G9 416-362-0003
Salvation Army Harbour Light Salvation 160 Jarvis St. Toronto M5B 2E1 416-572-2691
Salvation Army North Toronto Community Church 7 Eglinton Ave. E. Toronto M4S 2B1 416-488-7954 Web Site
Salvation Army Thrift Store 252 Parliament St. Toronto M5A 3A4 416-955-0362
Salvation Army Thrift Store 1921 Eglinton Ave. E. Toronto M1L 2L6 416-752-2929
Spanish Baptist Church 24 Birch Ave. Toronto M4V 1C8
St. Agustine Of Canterbury Anglican Church 1847 Bayview Ave. Toronto M4G 3E4 416-485-2656 Web Site
St. Alphonsus 540 Clair Ave. St. W. Toronto M6C 1A4 416-653-4486
St. Anargyroi Old Calendar Geek Orthodox 281 Jones Ave. Toronto M4M 3A7 416-463-9664
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church 73 Simcoe St. Toronto M5J 1W9 416-593-5600 Web Site
St. Andrews United Church 117 Bloor St. E. Toronto M4W 1A9 416-929-0811 Web Site
St. Anne's Anglican Church 270 Gladstone Ave. Toronto M6J 3L6 416-536-3160 Web Site
St. Brigid's Church 50 Woodmount Ave Toronto M4C 3X9 416-393-5235 Web Site
St. Charles Church 811 Lawrence Ave. Toronto M6A 1C3 416-787-0369
St. Clair Avenue Baptist Church 152 Wychwood Ave. Toronto M6C 2T2 416-651-8741 Web Site
St. Clement of Ohrid Macedonian Orthodox Church Congregation 76 Overlea Blvd. Toronto M4H 1C5 416-421-7451 Web Site
St. Columba And Hallows Church 2723 St Clair Ave. E. Toronto M4B 1M8 416-755-0301
St. Edith Stein Catholic Church 16 Thorncliffe Park Dr. Toronto M4H 1H4 416-696-8427
St. Francis Spiritual Baptist Church 2140 Danforth Ave. Toronto M4C 1J9 416-429-1574 Web Site
St. George's Greek Orthodox Church of Toronto 115 Bond St. Toronto M5B 1Y2 416-977-3342 Web Site
St. George's Macedono Bilgarian Eastern Orthodox Church 17 Regent St. Toronto M5A 3N4 416-366-1810
St. Hilda's Fairbank 2339 Dufferin St. Toronto M6E 4Z5 416-781-6621 Web Site
St. Irene Chrisovalantou Greek Orthodox Church 66 Gough Ave Toronto M4K 3N8
St. Jamestown Community Church 605 Parliament St. Toronto M4X 1P9 416-963-1999
St. Joan Of Arc Church 1701 Bloor St. W. Toronto M6P 1B1 416-762-1026 Web Site
St. John Polish National Catholic Church 186 Cowan Ave. Toronto 416-532-8249
St. John The Baptist Church 941 Dundas St. W. Toronto 416-603-2266
St. John The Evangelical Church (Weston) 49 George St. Toronto M5A 1J5 416-241-0133
St. John's Catholic Church 794 Kingston Rd. Toronto M4E 1R7 416-698-1105
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church 274 Concord Ave. Toronto M6H 2P5 416-536-3108 Web Site
St. John's Latvian Lutheran Church 200 Balmoral Ave. Toronto M4V 1J6 416-921-3327
St. John's Presbyterian Church 415 Broadview Ave. Toronto M4K 2M9 416-466-7476 Web Site
St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Church 143 Franklin Ave. Toronto M6P 3Y9 416-535-9192
St. Kosmas Aitolos Greek Orthodox Chuch 2815 St Clair Ave. E. Toronto M4B 1N3 416-751-3220
St. Luke's 904 Coxwell Ave. Toronto M4C 3G3 416-421-6878 Web Site
St. Luke's United Church 353 Sherbourne St. Toronto M5A 2S3 416-924-9619
St. Margaret's 53 Burnaby Blvd. Toronto M5N 1G3 416-483-9749
St. Mark's Presbyterian Church 1 Greenland Rd. Toronto M3C 1N1 416-444-3471 Web Site
St. Mary Of The Angels Church 1481 Dufferin St. Toronto M6H 4C7 416-532-4779
St. Mary's Dormition Ukrainian Catholic Church 18 Leeds St. Toronto M6G 1N7 416-531-9944
St. Matthew's Parish Hall 706 Old Weston Rd. Toronto M6N 3B8 416-654-2288 Web Site
St. Matthew's United Church 729 St. Clair Ave. W. Toronto M6C 1B2 416-653-5711 Web Site
St. Mattias 45 Bellwoods Ave. Toronto M6J 3N4 416-603-6720 Web Site
St. Mattias Anglican Church Etobicoke 1428 Royal York Rd. Toronto M9P 3A8 416-244-9211
St. Michael's Cathedral 200 Church St. Toronto M5B 1Z2 416-364-0234 Web Site
St. Monica's Anglican Church 1324 Gerrard St. E. Toronto M4L 1Z1 416-466-3415
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church 4 Bellwoods Ave. Toronto M6J 1G2 416-504-4774 Web Site
St. Patrick German Parish 131 McCaul St. Toronto M5T 1G2 416-598-4835 Web Site
St. Paul The Apostle Church 3224 Dundas St. W. Toronto M6P 2A3 416-767-7054
St. Paul's Bloor Street 227 Bloor St. E. Toronto M4W 1C8 416-961-8116 Web Site
St. Paul's Church 83 Power St. Toronto M5A 3A8 416-364-7588
St. Paul's Lutheran Church 1424 Davenport Rd. Toronto M6H 2H8
St. Paul's Presbyterian Church 100 Hepbourne St. Toronto M6H 1K5 416-531-3644
St. Peter's Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church Of Toronto 817 Mount Pleasant Rd. Toronto M4P 2L1 416-483-5847
St. Phillips Anglican Church 31 Saint Phillips Rd. Toronto M9P 2N7 416-247-5181 Web Site
St. Silouan Of Athos Orthodox Church 155 Broadview Ave. Toronto M4M 2E9 416-466-5877
St. Simon-the-Apostle Anglican Church 525 Bloor St. E. Toronto M4W 1J1 416-923-8714 Web Site
St. Stephen's Centre 357 Bay St. Toronto M5H 2T7 416-364-9261
St. Thomas Anglican Church 383 Huron St. Toronto M5S 2G5 416-979-2323 Web Site
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church 636 Glenholme Ave. Toronto M6E 3G9 416-393-5236 Web Site
Temple Baptist Church 14 Dewhurst Blvd. Toronto M4J 1L7 416-466-8819
The Church Of St. Martin In The Fields 151 Glenlake Ave. Toronto M6P 2J8 416-767-7491
The Church Of Toronto 24 Cecil St. Toronto M5T 1N2 416-977-5588
The City Church International 1635 Dundas St. Toronto M6K 1V2 416-537-8056
The First Christian Reformed Church of Toronto 63-67 Tauton Rd. Toronto M4S 2P2 416-481-4912 Web Site
The Good News Church 155 Wychwood Ave. Toronto M6C 3V3 416-651-3267 Web Site
The Redemed Church Of God 1444 Dupont St. Toronto M6P 4H3 416-535-9221
The Stone Church 45 Davenport Rd. Toronto M5R 1H2 416-928-0101 Web Site
Thorncliffe Park United Church 16 Thorncliffe Park Dr. Toronto M4H 1H4 416-421-0792
Timothy Eaton Memorial Church 230 St. Clair Ave. W. Toronto M4V 2P1 416-925-5977 Web Site
Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship 272 Attwell Dr. Toronto M9W 6M3 416-674-8463 Web Site
Toronto Alliance Church 602 Queen St. W. Toronto M6J 1E3 416-703-8211 Web Site
Toronto Baptist Church 228 Ennerdale Rd. Toronto M6E 4E2 416-633-3970 Web Site
Toronto Baptist Fellowship 100 Yonge St. Toronto M5C 2W1 416-504-7352
Toronto Bible Baptist Church 1891 Gerrard St. E. Toronto M4L 2B9 416-699-7156 Web Site
Toronto Breakthough Tabenacle 1820 Eglinton Ave. W. Toronto M6E 2H6 416-344-8560
Toronto Chinese Alliance Church 77 First Ave. Toronto M4M 1W7 416-461-2907 Web Site
Toronto Chinese Baptist Church 78 Beverley St. Toronto M5T 1Y1 416-596-8376 Web Site
Toronto Chinese Logos Baptist Church 8 Amroth Ave. Toronto M4C 4H2 416-690-8306 Web Site
Toronto Chinese Mennonite Church 1038 Woodbine Ave. Toronto M4C 4C4 416-424-2078 Web Site
Toronto Christian Worship Center 365 College St. Toronto M6J 3M7 416-863-1313 Web Site
Toronto Church Of Christ 49 Woodgate Dr. Toronto M6N 4W4 416-650-1662
Toronto City Church 455 Huron St. Toronto M5R 2R3 416-923-2020
Toronto Evangelical Missionary Church 89 Centre Ave. Toronto M2M 2L7 416-223-3496 Web Site
Toronto Gospel Lighthouse 17 Rhodes Ave. Toronto M4L 2Z8 416-466-1411
Toronto Grace Church Of The Nazarene 624 Annette St. Toronto M6S 2C4 416-762-5292
Toronto West Community Church 606 Jane St. Toronto M6S 4A6 416-767-2349
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church 619 Sherbourne St. Toronto M4X 1L7 416-921-9417 Web Site
Trinity St. Pauls United Church 427 Bloor St. W. Toronto M5S 1X7 416-922-8435 Web Site
Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral Of St. Volodymyr 406 Bathurst St. Toronto M5T 2S6 416-603-3224
Ukrainian Orthodox Church Of St. Andrew 406 Bathurst St. Toronto M5T 2S6 416-603-3224
Victoria Royce Presbyterian Church 190 Medland St. Toronto M6P 1P4 416-769-6176 Web Site
Victory Christian Life Centre 805 Dovercourt Rd. Toronto MH 2X4 416-916-LIFE
Vineyard Christian Fellowship Toronto Downtown 95 Lavinia Ave. Toronto M6S 3H9 416-532-8463 Web Site
Waverly Road Baptist Church 129 Waverley Rd. Toronto M4L 3T4 416-694-3054 Web Site
West Toronto Baptist Church 3049 Dundas St. W. Toronto M6P 1Z5 416-769-5237 Web Site
Westmount Park Church 1483 Royal York Rd. Toronto M9P 3B3 416-244-7102 Web Site
Weston Presbyterian Church 7 Cross St. Toronto M6J 1S7 416-241-1571 Web Site
Westview Presbyterian Church 233 Westview Blvd. Toronto M4B 3J7 416-759-8531 Web Site
Windermere United Church 356 Windermere Ave. Toronto M6S 3L3 416-769-5611 Web Site
Woodbine Heights Baptist Church 1171 Woodbine Ave. Toronto M4C 4E1 416-467-1462 Web Site
Woodgreen United Church 875 Queen St. E. Toronto M4M 1J2 416-461-1105
Word of Faith Int'l Christian Centre 65 Sunrise Ave. Toronto M4A 1A9 416-449-5026 Web Site
Wynchwood - Davenport Presbyterian Church 155 Wychwood Ave. Toronto M6C 2T1 416-653-6271 Web Site
York Community Church 325 Weston Rd. Toronto 416-604-2775
York Memorial Presbyterian Church 1695 Keele St. Toronto M6M 3W7 416-653-7756 Web Site
Yorkminister Park Baptist Church 1585 Yonge St. Toronto M4T 2A2 416-922-8507 Web Site


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