Our Purpose Statement


We believe that many individuals would like to locate Christian businesses and organizations to use their services.

We have a web site to promote the businesses and a magazine that is published annually, to assist in people locating your business or service.

Our Goal

  1. To assist the Christian business and services to build their client base.

  2. To help individuals find a church that might suit their needs.

  3. To help individuals find a Christian school that might suit their needs

  4. To help Christians connect with Christian businesses

  5. To help charities promote the work they are doing.

  6. To encourage, connect and build up Christians.

We Do This By

  • Promoting a web site that lists many businesses and organizations that have signed our Statement of Faith.
  • Producing a quality Magazine, with good reading material and advertising by subject.
  • Helping churches to connect with people in the community.
  • Assisting churches by connecting them on the web to individuals looking for a church.
  • Assisting Christian schools by connecting them on the web to individuals looking for a Christian school.

Why Toronto Christian Business Directory?

Hundreds of churches, professionals, nonprofits and individuals use our web site daily, to locate Christian business organizations.

For example. If you want to locate a good, ethical, caring, Accountant, Lawyer, Advisor, Real estate Broker or Insurance Broker, we can help.
Parents must decide which school is best for them. We can help.
How does a person, looking for a church, easily find their web site. Our site and book, will list all the churches. At the request of the church, we list their web site.
As Christians we want to be good stewards of our resources. We link to non profits so you can research and give wisely.
Our Directory is given free to over 15,000 churches, businesses and individuals.

Contact Information

1-877-448-5487 or email

Payment of advertising is to be made to:

Rosseau Publishing Co.
9251 Yonge St., Bld 8
Suite 814
Richmond Hill, On
L4C 9T3

Payment can be made by cheque or Visa


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